Breaking Barriers, Inspiring Change: Uncover the Stories that Challenge Racism and Classism in the Workplace


Inclusion consultant Christopher "CJ" Gross emphasizes the importance of incorporating discussions about social class into any organization's efforts towards diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Gross highlights that solely focusing on aspects such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, generation, and religion when addressing inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility overlooks a significant aspect of the larger picture. This key perspective is explored in his recently published book titled "What's Your Zip Code Story? Understanding and Overcoming Class Bias in the Workplace."

Gross, a provider of evidence-based resolutions, endeavors to cater to the needs of individuals yearning for advancement in their professional journey, as well as entrepreneurs in search of innovative approaches to inspire and motivate their workforce. Through his expertise, Gross proffers a myriad of tactics to aid those who have migrated across social and educational strata, including college students, fresh graduates, and undervalued staff members, enabling them to ascend the intricate corporate ladder and metamorphose into esteemed and esteemed leaders. Furthermore, Gross imparts invaluable insights targeting enterprises, elucidating how diversity can impact key aspects of a business, such as productivity, employee turnover, and overall revenue generation.

Offering effective solutions, the thought-provoking book "What's Your Zip Code Story" aims to broaden the dialogue on workplace equity, race, and class bias.