Unlocking the Secrets of Celebrity Glam: An inside look into Tamara Taylor's journey and the world of celebrity beauty and fashion.


By: Paul Garwood

In a grand manner, Tamara Taylor is commemorating a decade since the establishment of her artistic venture firm, Mastermind Mgmt, while expressing gratitude towards the glamorous and grooming entrepreneurs under her guidance.

To recognize the substantial contributions made by her clients to the entertainment industry, she held an extravagant brunch in LA on September 3.

With a focus on nurturing the future of glamorous and grooming entrepreneurs, she is determined to support aspiring talents in their professional journeys, leveraging her expertise gained from over ten years in the industry. During the brunch, she introduced her most recent endeavor, Mastermind Matters.

ESSENCE was updated on her latest venture, a 501 nonprofit organization, which was established to provide valuable resources to creative entrepreneurs. She acknowledges that within the industry, there is a significant number of creative artists who are pioneering their businesses as first generation entrepreneurs, achieving remarkable financial success. However, they often encounter similar obstacles hindering their growth, akin to those faced by established business owners.

The organization is committed to assisting innovative business owners by providing them with resources for retirement, estate planning, investment strategies, and tax preparation.

In the wake of the pandemic-induced shutdown, which left beauty service providers unemployed for several months, Mastermind Matters proves to be exceedingly relevant. Furthermore, glam and grooming artists are now confronted with the challenges brought on by the current writer strikes in Hollywood.

Taylor emphasizes the significance of exploring alternative sources of income, investment opportunities, and residual earnings for these professionals. Given that actors and actresses are currently unable to work or promote their films and shows, this directly affects the ability of my artists, who collaborate with these individuals, to secure employment.

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