Mary J. Blige Will Executive-Produce Lifetime Movies Based On Her Songs ‘Real Love’ And ‘Strength Of A Woman’




Mary J. Blige, the legendary R&B singer, will executive produce two new Lifetime movies based on her hit songs "Real Love" and "Strength of a Woman." Both films will incorporate themes from the songs that inspired them, with "Real Love" following the story of a successful career woman who has trouble finding true love, while "Strength of a Woman" tells the tale of a woman overcoming the challenges of a failing marriage and finding her own strength.

Blige has long been known for her powerful lyrics that speak to the human experience, and these films promise to explore these themes in a fresh and exciting way. Fans of Blige's music can look forward to seeing her influence extend beyond the recording studio and into the world of film. With her impressive track record of Grammy Awards and critical acclaim, it's no surprise that Blige is branching out into new creative territories. These films are sure to be a hit with both longtime fans and newcomers to her music.

The made-for-TV movies “Real Love” and “Strength of a Woman” are set to premiere on back-to-back Saturdays, beginning June 10 at 8p/7c.