UNCF Raising $1 Million For HBCUs




The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) has been working hard to raise $1 million in funds for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). This is a great initiative that will help deserving students receive the education they need to succeed in life. The UNCF has been working tirelessly to ensure that HBCUs are recognized and supported, and this fundraising effort is just one example of their commitment

At the 2023 National Gala UNCF Raised $1 million for HBCUs. Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole accepted UNCF President’s Award from Dr. Michael L. Lomax. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer received UNCF’S highest honor, the Frederick D. Patterson Award.

We hope you enjoyed reading about UNCF's goal to raise $1 million for HBCUs. It's important to support these institutions that have played such a key role in educating many of our country's most successful leaders. By donating to UNCF, you can help ensure that future generations of students have access to the same opportunities. We encourage you to make a contribution, regardless of the amount, and help support the education of our future leaders. Thank you for reading, and please visit the Positive Black Network to learn more about how you can help!

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