What Black Women Should Know When Negotiating A Higher Salary




Black Women Should Know When Negotiating A Higher Salary

As a young woman, it is important that you learn how to negotiate a higher salary. This can be especially difficult for women of color.

The average salary for a woman is $42,000. The average salary for black women is $32,000.

Black women in STEM fields earn the most at $58,000.

There are a few ways to begin negotiating a higher salary. You can start by researching what the industry standard is for your position. Look for articles and studies about what other people are earning in similar positions across the country and around the world.

You can also talk to people who have worked or currently work in your field. Ask them what they think you should be doing and figure out how you can increase your pay while maintaining the quality of your work.

Here are some things to consider before you discuss salary goals:

1. Control your own destiny
2. Make sure you're prepared with time-saving tools and tactics
3. Understand your worth, know what you're worth, and don't be afraid to ask for it
4. You're not the only one that matters
5. Don't be afraid to leverage your network
6. Negotiating can be scary, but it's also exciting
7. Have confidence and stay positive