Apple Celebrates Black History Month Campaign With ‘Unity Challenge’ Encouraging People to Lose Weight




Apple  has come under fire for its Black History campaign, after deciding to encourage people to celebrate Black History Month by losing weight.

Well-known TikToker Tamika Turner showed a photo of her Apple Watch, which displayed a “Unity Challenge” message: “Let’s come together to honor Black history. Earn this Unity award by closing your Move Ring seven days in a row during February.” FYI: Closing your Move Ring means meeting your fitness goals.

Obviously Apple doesn’t know that Black obesity reflect racial stereotypes, especially for Black women. Many scientists surmised that Blacks would “die off” because of their weight problems. According to 19th century research, Blacks can not control their animal appetites. 

Apple’s Black Unity Collection includes Apple Watch Black Unity Sport Loop, which has “Unity” woven in red, green and Black, a tribute to the Pan-African flag. The company also added new watch face and iPhone wallpaper. Apple will also support organizations who uplift Black and Brown communities through its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative.