Jalen Rose Says Men Should Spend At Least $100 On A Haircut




There’s nothing like a good hot take from a sports pundit to start a worthy debate.

This time it’s Jalen Rose, but it’s got nothing to do with the NBA and everything to do with the cost of getting a fresh haircut. While doing press at a recent red carpet, the former NBA player chopped it up with Boardroom about barbershop prices. And it seems inflation is hitting pretty hard because he thinks a decent cut should run you $100.

“First off, for the minimum, you’re supposed to be spending for a quality barber is $100. I’m here to defend the sanctuary that is called barbers and beauticians,” Rose said.

Rose then tries to explain that the cost is worth it because of the convenience and the struggle to schedule a haircut will lessen.

“So many guys and people out there thinking y’all just can show up and get a fly haircut and spend $35. Y’all are going to go to the end of the line, you’ll hit up your barber, and they’re going send you to voicemail. Then you’ll have a 1 o’clock appointment and get there at 1, and somebody will be sitting in the chair.”

Rose doubled down on the soundbite by posting the clip to his Instagram account and further stamped his approval with a caption that read, “The minimum you’re supposed to be spending for a quality barber is $100!” alongside several barber pole emojis.