Providence launches $10 million reparations program, open to all races




The $10 million effort, which will finance homeownership and financial literacy programs and workforce training, is paid for by federal COVID-19 recovery funds and must be used race-neutrally.

Providence, Rhode Island, has launched a $10 million reparations program to address its long history of racism against Black residents.

The $10 million effort will finance several social initiatives, including small company accelerators, homeownership and financial literacy programs, and workforce training. However, it’s funded by federal COVID-19 recovery money, which must be used race-neutrally.

Providence residents who identify as Black or Native American are automatically eligible. The city has also established other financial obligations that may cover almost half of its white citizens, infuriating critics concerned about how much of the funds will go to the Black residents, who make up 12% of the population.

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