Michael Jackson estate, Sony Music to launch worldwide ‘Thriller 40’ campaign




Jackson’s estate will host several international fan parties and immersive experiences in celebration of “Thriller’s” 40th anniversary later this month.

The Michael Jackson estate and Sony Music announced an international celebration of the 40th anniversary of Jackson’s album, “Thriller.” The “Thriller 40” global campaign will feature free events in various countries throughout the month.

“Thriller 40” will include two immersive experiences, featuring specific track-focused experiences, social and photo opportunities, and interactive elements. One will take place at Königsallee 46 in Düsseldorf, Germany, from Nov. 10 to 13, and the other at Center415 in New York City, from Nov. 18 to 20.

Jackson fans are also able to register for an opportunity to see a private one-time-only screening of the “Thriller 40” documentary. The film, directed by Nelson George, will screen in nine cities on Nov. 30, the anniversary date of the album, including Los Angeles, Toronto, London, and Mexico City.