Black Woman Recovers from Life Support, Wins 2022 Miss Female Entrepreneur International Title




Felicia Jeffries, founder and CEO of Moore Financial Services and the Biz Credit Movement, and her team have been busy helping entrepreneurs build their businesses and their business credit. She was crowned Miss Female Entrepreneur International in August 2022, but not without going through a trial that would test her very ability to stay alive.

Felicia recalls the situation that led to her being on life support in June 2022. “During the pandemic, I did my best to take care of myself by taking my herbs and medicine, but I ended up slacking on taking my herbs and contracted COVID. People with autoimmune issues are not supposed to get sick. I felt my system shutting down part by part until I couldn’t breathe. My chest felt like it had 50 pounds of pressure on it, and I remember wishing this experience on no one. I was blessed to be released on July 4th. That was my Independence Day,” she states.

“I received the crown as Miss Woman Entrepreneur International 2022.” Felicia’s message is simple, “Take care of your health. Advocate for yourself because you know your body better than anyone. Entrepreneurs have added stress; they must maintain a healthy business. It is kind of difficult to do that when you have health issues, even though it’s possible.”

Felicia plans to use the title of Miss Woman Entrepreneur International to help spread a message of comfort and hope to those who need it.