Be Safe Out There: The OnStar Guardian App Is There When You Need It




Leaving the house and returning in one piece is a luxury that has become all too common. And since family is the cornerstone of many communal units, ensuring those you love the most are safe and secure ranks high on the importance scale.

The Guardian App provides key OnStar safety and security services everywhere you go. The app offers essential safety services on your compatible smartphone, whether from the comfort of your vehicle or stepping out for an afternoon jog.

The need for safety increases among underrepresented communities, namely Black people. Even when organizations are poised to serve and protect Black people, there is an apparent disconnect. According to data from Pew Research, 84% of Black adults do not feel as though they are treated fairly when dealing with police. Whether navigating police interactions or implementing strategies for encountering biases, Black people’s viewpoint of safety is far more nuanced than the rest of the world.

Knowing that your mere presence can be interpreted as a threat, a set of unwritten rules exist in Black communities. While the Guardian app was not created to combat the systemic issues that force these rules to exist, its features like location services and emergency services can serve as allyship tools as Black families intentionally work to keep their families safe.

So no matter the situation, know that the technology built across OnStar’s platforms was designed with your well-being in mind. And regardless of where you go next, be safe out there!