Vice President Harris Is Right To Highlight The Importance Of Equity In Disaster Relief




Conservatives stay looking for reasons to criticize Vice President Kamala Harris. The hyper-online right is big mad the vice president made it a point to highlight the importance of equity even in disaster relief. 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, communities across Florida were slammed by the fierce storm. And without the express commitment to equity in the recovery process, flooded communities like an Orange County low-income housing complex that flooded or a North Fort Meyers trailer park might not actually get the support they need. 

It’s one thing to criticize Harris for something actually substantive. But complaining about equity just shows these characters are only out for outrage clicks and propaganda views, not actually sharing information or spreading awareness.  

Countless reports and studies have shown disparities in disaster aid and relief based on income and race. Earlier this year, reported that Black homeowners in Houston were still trying to recover five years after Hurricane Harvey.  

Equity can feel like exclusion when you’re used to always being at the front of the line and sucking up the resources.. Making sure other people get the support they need doesn’t mean others will be left out.