Keisha Green Launches First Clothing Boutique Featuring All-Amputee Models




Keisha Green has solidified herself as one of social media’s most influential entrepreneurs.

The double-amputee has created a conglomerate of groundbreaking safe spaces for amputees and is now aligning her business sense with her amazing sense of style. On Oct. 1, 2022, Keisha will launch her newest venture, The Push Collection Boutique, a digital clothing boutique consisting of classy, luxe, casual and comfortable apparel, all while boasting exclusivity and originality.

The mission of the boutique is to push your appearance higher, with a belief that your appearance is a presentation that protects your power while preventing pity. Opportunities such as this are not commonly available to amputees. This particular launch is a major win for the amputee community, as it offers opportunities for amputees to achieve their God-given talents in modeling, fashion, and beauty content.