This 31-Year-Old's Vending Machine Business Could Earn Him $500K This Year Alone




At just 31 years old, Marcus Gram has the option to retire after his vending machine business became very lucrative over the last several years. 

Gram’s vending machine business went from making $4,000 in its first year to over $300,000 in 2021. And after a recent deal, it is currently projected to make over half a million in 2022. 

Three things Gram says he loves about owning vending machines are the low startup costs but high potential for a return on investment,  he can to use his the machines as his own personal ATMs, and his ability to make his own schedule.

Gram is also sharing what he’s learned with other entrepreneurs to help them reach their goals. Last month, he started offering free and paid webinars to help others jumpstart their own vending machine business.